Sunday, February 26, 2012

This time 'round

from 18 weeks, 2 days

This pregnancy has definitely been different from my pregnancy with Henry. First of all, I was exhausted out of my brain all the time so I didn't do any of the things everyone else does like take pictures or make sure to have stuff for the pregnancy part of the scrapbook etc. I console myself for being a lame mom for Henry in that way with telling myself he probably will have logged the most one on one time and joint time with me and Johann out of all our kids. Fair trade off, right?

As far as pregnancy symptoms, it took longer to start feeling sick this time. Once I did though, it was a bit more mild until I hit 8 weeks and for the next week and a half, two weeks I threw up and felt overall worse than I remember having felt with Henry. I finally stopped taking my prenatal vitamins and the throwing up stopped and I started feeling a bit better little by little.

I've finally gotten back on them in the past few weeks and even though I'm just going kid vitamins, I still get queasy with them. With Henry I couldn't keep a thing down so I didn't even try and basically ate crackers and drank flavored water until 16 week and then felt magical after hitting that mark and really didn't have any issues until the third trimester when the carpal tunnel and heart burn hit.
This time I've been able to eat even during those two weeks except that I then threw it up. I was hoping at 16 weeks to feel all magical again but not this time. I still get queasy with certain foods or just for what seems no reason at all but it's usually not too bad.

The most exciting this about this pregnancy was being able to feel her move so much sooner. Last time I think I felt him sometime between 18-20 weeks, this time I felt the 'quickening' around 12 weeks and then felt kicks around 15 weeks. Very exciting. She's much more of a roller than a kicker. She generally moves a bit in the morning but mostly it's during the late afternoon and then at night that she is wiggling, or maybe that's when I'm sitting and notice it best. Either way, I love it.

Well, enough of that and time for some pics of our ultrasound from Friday at 20 weeks. I thought it'd be our last, but due to Johann's siblings being born with six fingers and/or toes we have to go back to get a better look at her hands and feet. Since Johann didn't have it, I'm not sure why we have to, but I'll talk to the doctor at the next appointment on Thursday and see what he says (our ultrasound was out of office).

Yup, it's still a girl!

One of her hands, pointing her little finger, looks like only 5 to me.

Spine and skull

Okay, am I a horrible mom for thinking this view kind of makes her look like Voldemort? Don't answer that... I'm sure she doesn't and this probably isn't the most flattering view. Maybe another ultrasound just for a better profile pic...ha!

We are so excited for our little girl!


Melissa said...

Your ultra sound pictures are amazing! I'm so happy you are pregnant even if it's the pit! Now you can have to very pretty children. We miss Big Henry. Can you send him in a box? We'll return him when we are tired of 2 Henrys (read, never).

Joshua and Rachel said...

Great pictures! I love that you are having a girl! I am so excited for you. Do you have her bedding or room colors picked out yet?