Friday, April 20, 2012


We followed our now tradition of bunny business on Saturday this Easter and saved Sunday to remember the who, what and why of Easter. I am so glad one of my friends mentioned doing it on her blog because we've loved doing it this way the past 2 years. 

On Saturday morning Henry woke up to what the Easter bunny had brought him. We were at my moms during the week and she has lots of rabbits that run around in her backyard. Every morning Henry would step outside and yell at them, "HEY EASTER BUNNY HELPERS, I'M BEING GOOD SO TELL THE EASTER BUNNY!!!" Then he would ask why they ran away from him. 
So, after he saw they followed his request and he got his loot, he went out and told them, "THANKS, HELPERS!" 

 He also got a jellybean gun from Karen and Shannon but had to do "Hot, Cold" to find it. He is terrible at that game.

 He also got to play with the inflatable bunny from Grammy's classroom. At first he was happy tossing the eggs into the net...

 but then decided wrestling the bunny was a better way to play with it.

Then we did some Easter egg dying, Henry loves decorating the eggs.

That night uncle Aaron came by for dinner and then we went out for frozen yogurt that didn't cost an arm and a leg and a 20 minute drive-imagine that. It was so good. Why must I crave something that is such a pain and so expensive in LV?
Anyway, it was a fun day.

Sunday morning Henry and Johann got to sport their new Easter duds and looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I think this is the first picture we've had of all of us coordinating maybe ever haha. I'm just happy to have a decent pic of the family!
We went to my mom's ward and enjoyed the block and had a nice Easter dinner at the house with my mom, the Rafferty's and uncle Aaron. Henry got to tell us how they talked about the Resurrection and it's great to see him understanding a little more each year. Last year he would say, "Jesus died but then he didn't really," whereas now we're at, "Jesus died and then he came alive again," I think that's good progress.

We also spent time the week before between conference sessions showing him the new Bible videos the church put out. I think that is helping him understand the resurrection a little bit more and be excited that because of what Jesus did, he can live again too. 

I'm grateful for the gift of the resurrection, the gift that all receive because of the great love of the Father and the Son and the knowledge that I can live with them and my family again if I will stay true and faithful.  

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