Friday, April 27, 2012

Early Exit

I am pretty sure this thesis of Johann's is going to ensure my death occurs 1-2 years earlier than it otherwise would have.
Thank you committee members for being on completely on different pages from each other or having no idea what you're doing and consequently making Johann dance like he's got bullets spraying at his feet.

He just wants to be a practitioner and help kids who are struggling in school whether from learning disabilities, emotional issues or language barriers. Is that such a bad thing to want? No, but apparently he can't be equipped to do that unless he can also sort out all the minutia of narrative inquiry methods and then apply them perfectly to interviews (which involves somehow being able to make sure the interviewees respond a certain way without leading them) and then interpret them in perfect sync with what the theory of narrative inquiry would say. GAAAAH. I. AM. GOING. TO. SCREAM.

Ok. Done.

If anyone just happens to have extra time to pray that this can all work out and Johann can pass his defense so he can graduate on time, that would be much appreciated.

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Joshua and Rachel said...

This sounds like a pain in the butt. But we will keep you (and Johann) in our prayers.