Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Third Trimester

 I am officially in the third trimester-woot! 

I'm definitely noticing some puffiness in my feet come the end of the day and every once while acid indigestion rears it's ugly head. I've also been getting nauseous in the morning and afternoon more frequently. 

28weeks and 2 days

Other than that and having a harder time sleeping (I think this has to do with other life stressers more though) I feel fairly good most of the time.
Our little miss showing her lips and nose and milk mustache at the 27 week ultrasound. 

 Profile at 27 weeks

Our little girl is a big mover. At the 27 week ultrasound they were able to see all her heart chambers and say she was good to go. However, the doc said he is pretty sure, but can't guarantee, she will come out with only 10 fingers and toes because she just does not stop moving. 

So yesterday when I wasn't feeling her much except for some rolling, I got a little nervous. Usually if I eat an apple she gets moving right away, or if I am at the counter to do dishes, she's kicks at the counter, but nothing of the sort throughout the day. 

I know I tend toward worrying so I thought I should just wait for my check up in the morning. Then this morning they called to say the doc got called out for a delivery so they needed to reschedule. I said fine and rescheduled for Friday but then decided I was nervous and needed to be reassured and that there was nothing wrong with that. I called back and they said they could take me at 4:45pm today right before closing-phew. 

Since it was later, Johann got to come too which is always nice. When the nurses checked me in, they remembered I had mentioned I wasn't feeling the baby kick much the day before and asked how I was feeling now etc. I love the nurses at Dr. Ibay's office. They set me up in a room and then a few minutes later moved us into the room with an ultrasound machine. Doc came in and we got going to make sure fluids and everything else was good. I love that he has a machine right there so we can check and I didn't have to be admitted to the hospital to be reassured everything was alright, which thankfully it was, and we got to see our little girl again! It was so reassuring to see her in there, heart beating and everything looking right. We even got to see her practicing her breathing. I also figure its a good thing this baby has been photographed in utero so much because I know the 2nd tends to get less film dedicated to them.
Dr. Ibay said to just start doing kick counts more consistently with times and to always, always call if something feels off, better to be paranoid than ignore a possible problem. Thanks, doc for not making me feel like an idiot. 

Leg shot from today. Her legs have consistently measured 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule. I guess another Johann replica is in store for us. 

Well that is the latest on our little girl. I am trying to take time each day to remember how exciting this is and how very blessed we are and how grateful we need to be. Life has been getting more and more stressful and unsure these past few weeks but remembering how desperately we wanted this blessing and now to have it helps to ease some of the fears and worries and know that God is mindful of us.

So here is to just a little over 10 weeks until we can meet our baby girl! 


SSToone said...

Lookin' good - very exciting times for you (and stressful it sounds too)! Glad you have a great doctor to assuage any fears that arise!

Joshua and Rachel said...

I am so glad you have an awesome doctor. It makes all the difference. I am so excited for you guys! She looks so cute in the ultrasound pictures.

Bryan and Natalie said...

I love it! I remember getting paranoid all the time about the baby "not moving", but really they were just in between sleeping times or I personally never got a break to stop moving so I wouldn't feel him as much. I was always reassured at the end of the day though when I would go to bed and he would wake up :)

Jeff and Lauren said...

You look great!

Aaron and Devon said...

Love the pic of you.... looking good :)