Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pee-Wee Sports

This past Monday concluded Henry's peewee sports class through the rec center. I'm a little sad to see the end of it, I think Henry will be asking why we aren't going anymore soon, but at least he has swimming for another week to keep him busy. 
The class was 4 sessions, an hour each: they did track & field, tennis, soccer and basketball. Henry said his favorite was tennis. Probably because they got to hold a racquet methinks. 

First class: Track & Field 

 They aren't doing anything in this pic, I just have it as a point of comparison-Henry was about a head shorter than the next smallest kid. I know some of them were older but still, poor guy. He'll probably be  the small fry for a while. Johann said he was until the end of middle school and my genes aren't helping him go vertical either. 
 Jumping the hurdle

Second class: Tennis
 Learning to balance the ball while walking

Third class: Soccer
 I kind of wish they had had smaller balls for the kids to dribble and kick. They had fun none the less. 

Fourth class: Basketball
 I was actually surprised at how good Henry did with dribbling, considering we've never really played basketball with him. I think having size appropriate balls helped big time too. 

And on the last day they gave them little medals. Oh, Henry, cheesy face boy. 

The coaches were really good and I appreciated how they wanted to have fun with the kids but also actually teach them some skills too. If we end up staying here, I think it's a class I wouldn't mind letting him do again. 
Yay for rec center classes! 
Next--well, Henry keeps asking for a dance class. We'll see if there is one before summer. =) 

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