Saturday, April 6, 2013


The first in a series of catch-up posts.

On the 16th of March, Johann and I got to go to the Redlands Temple and attend a session (we went for iniatories in January or February) for the first time since Dorothea was born in July. I anticipated it would be difficult to be away from Thea for more than an hour or two and while I was very happy to see bebe again I needed that time at the Temple.

It was so beautiful to arrive there for the 8:15am session to the world just waking up on a warm, sunny Saturday. We also got to see several people we know from Apple Valley and some from Riverside, it's always so nice to see familiar faces in the Temple.

I generally remember a lot of what I learn when I am there, what I need to do/change, but I think I had forgotten how it feels to be in the Temple especially during a session. There were three people going through for the first time and it was beautiful to see their experience there. One was an older sister, another was a young woman getting ready for a mission and the last a young man preparing to go on a mission.

The sense of love, unity, oneness of purpose, peace and joy were needed. Sitting waiting for the session to start I just felt those things and was so happy we made ourselves find the time to go. We've been so spoiled since we were married with having the Provo Temple 5 minutes away and the Las Vegas Temple about 30. The hour or so we have to travel to Redlands seems so far sometimes but I know it's a blessing to have one still so near and that what I get going there makes the time expended a wise investment. I had been feeling pretty harassed and worn down, being in the midst of that peace helped fill me up to keep on going. 

I love the Temple.


Joshua and Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures! This is a great reminder that I need to go to the temple.

Mary said...

I had a similar experience the first time I got back after Jane. It had been awhile, since our temple's a little far and I couldn't leave her for long while I was nursing. But the peace that settled on me once I got inside nearly made me cry. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed it until I was there again.