Thursday, February 6, 2014


With the new baby coming in June we had to figure out the living situation. We're very slowly deciding where we might want to live and where we don't. But in the meantime while we save up for a house and figure out and area, we're still with my mom. 
We've had the master and Thea in with us but have realized there is no way it's going to work with her and the baby in there, especially since she'll still want to be in our bed and she's a light sleeper. I finally accepted we wouldn't be moving into our own place soon enough and had to make some changes.
I didn't feel comfortable moving Thea into Henry's room and having them both in a room across the house from us. So we decided to switch rooms with my mom. She now has the master and we are on the other side of the house with the kiddos. Since she has the big room she agreed we could move the office and sewing stuff into her room and use that space for a play room for the kids. It wasn't really being used anyway and she ended up getting rid of the huge desk and credenza. 
In the next couple months we're going to try to move Thea out of our room and into Henry's but we didn't have the time or money to get twin beds for them this time around. This little house has had so many changes in the last few years! 

What was previously the office space:

The chaos on the day we did all the moving

Our stuff moved into what was previously my mom's room 

This cracked me up-Johann needed to move a giant box of books and so he 'leg pressed' them across the floor. Thea thought it looked like fun and sat on him for half of the way. 

The office space now turned play area:

I have a lot of ideas for making the playroom nicer but it's hard to want to go through the cost and effort when we still just aren't sure how much longer we'll be here. I'm pretty sure it will be until the end of the year but that's still not terribly long. 
Here's to another change, with many more to come, I'm sure. 


Rachel said...

The play room looks nice. I love the way Johann moved the books, so smart.

Elise Smith said...

What the what? You have a baby coming in June? How did I miss that news. Congratulations! I admit, I don't read your blog as much as I could, but I can't believe I missed that announcement.