Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekend Outings

We got so use to being busy on the weekends that a couple weeks ago we weren't sure what to do when we found ourselves with a mostly free Saturday. We lazed around the house then finally got ready and left to check out one town close to Johann's work. We decided it definitely wasn't for us fairly quickly (*all* dirt roads) and headed back toward home. 

 Since it was still the middle of the day we thought we'd take the kids to walk around the mall. We use to do that a lot in Provo, we haven't really here since the mall isn't the greatest but the kids had fun playing at Barnes and Noble and looking at the different stores. We ended up getting Henry the first book of a three book series since they had it there in paperback (only hardcover on amazon). Johann and Thea picked out two shirts for her and then we went to Freddy's for dinner and a treat.

 (the shirt Johann picked out-llamas...ha)

A couple weekends later we took a little picnic to a park on the outskirts of Apple Valley that they use for rodeos and bmx racing. After we ate and the kids played a little we went on one of the little trails.

The park wasn't all we were hoping for but it was still fun, especially just to get out all together.

What kind of things do you with your family when you find yourself with a free weekend? Hopefully we'll have more soon!

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Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures. Sometimes pictures of the desert are ugly, but these are so beautiful it makes me miss it a lot.