Friday, February 7, 2014

Update on the Kiddos

Since Dorothea is getting older, she and Henry are getting to be better friends. I love when I hear Dorothea say, "song. dance!" and they run into Henry's room, turn on the music and dance around on his bed. It's pretty cute. 

 Baking some chocolate chip cookies with mom

 Grocery shopping is a million times easier when I have both of them with me so they can entertain one another. 

Playing outside. I can't wait until Thea is old enough that I can just let them both out together and get some stuff done around the house inside!

Henry Hippo

Henry is still his own man. We're getting into what I swear is his every six month hormone swing though. We've had some openly defiant moments where nothing works but sticking him in time out and then having him sit in his room until he decides to take a step back from the attitude. It's incredible how he can be that way one minute then totally helpful and fun the next. I still don't love that school gets the best of him every day but hopefully the older he gets, the better that will be, the less tired he'll be.

Right now his favorite things to do are play games, especially Headbandz, read from The Imaginary Veterinary series (we're on book 2) and play outside. He is finally doing a really good job swinging himself and has a lot of fun doing it and trying to figure out how to jump off the swing. He's also doing AR now and was happy to tell me he got a perfect score on his first book. I've tried really hard not to push him with anything in school because his personality will definitely resist, so I'm glad he's getting excited about reading on his own more. 

Thea Bea

Dorothea is growing up in leaps and bounds. We're starting to be able to do a little bit of art/crafts here and there, mostly little things like her favorite, Dopper Dots.
She's also out of the highchair/sassy seat and into a booster (when she sits at all).

One of the the most noticeable changes is how much more she is talking now. Some of my favorite things to hear her say are, "bubble bath," "what happened?" "where daddy,  Henry (Henny), grandma (da-ma), uncle (she actually says this one clear as a bell)," and "ah poopoo." It's just funny.

Sadly, I think her vocab explosion led to some sleeping issues. She was sleeping fine after the room switch and then one night we heard her crying and then the crying got closer and closer to us in the living room until she showed up. She had used her bumper to climb up out of her crib, which she had never done, and onto our bed then slid down. So I had to take off the bumper and move the crib away from the bed but she kept crying and crying. I let her stay up with us that night thinking she'd just sleep in my arms but boy was I wrong. She decided it was like having a little party and for the next few days and nights we couldn't get her to sleep. Even if we were in the bed with her she would toss and turn and recite all the words she could think of. It reminded me of Henry practicing sitting up and standing in his crib during nap and bedtime.

Thankfully she seems to have gotten over it and will now nap well and go down at night, though she will still initially cry and comes into our bed sometime during the night but she'll be out soon so we're trying to enjoy having the cuddle bug in our bed.

I certainly love these little tyrants and can't wait to add baby 3 to complete the triumvirate.

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