Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Where We're At

I have so much I need to catch up on blog-wise that it almost doesn't seem worth it to go back but start fresh from here on out. But frankly, things have turned from busy and full of events to the everyday back to work, school and daily routine and that doesn't seem too post worthy.

So I thought I should just briefly summarize where we're at right now and then work back on everything that's gone on since May.

Johann started back for his first full year with Snowline School District the very beginning of August. He's also decided he wants to blog; I tried to suggest he work on this one but I guess blogging about when the kids roll over or poop in the potty wasn't what he had in mind. If you're interested in seeing what he did have in mind, you can find him over at jpsimonds.com.

I'm sick with a ridiculous cold, in my pajamas still after having dropped Henry at school. I did put on a sports bra to take Henry though, so let's give me some credit on that score. I'm mostly trying to figure out the routine and schedule for this year and get back to making dinner every.single.night (why did God make us with the need to eat daily?), doing all my other house running responsibilities and getting back on track with mutual. Oh and blogging.

Henry is back at school for 1st grade. I had hoped he would get into a homeschool program through a charter before the new school year started but it didn't happen. We're still on the waiting list and I'm hoping to hear back soon. I'll write up a post about this decision later. We managed to forget to sign him up for fall soccer over the summer so for now he just has school to go to and I think I'm actually okay with that.

Dorothea is busy trying to find new ways to make messes. She gets creative. I know she's not as bad as some master mess makers with desitin on the face, flour everywhere, permanent marker on couches etc but for me, considering OCD Henry was my first, it's a lesson in patience and learning to let go.
She's definitely our two year old but I think I've done a better job of remembering that with her than I did with Henry so terrible two hasn't been so terrible yet. She loves to talk (loudly) but only at home or during sacrament meeting. She has her nursery leaders fooled that she's a quiet demur thing. Basically I'm trying to find a routine for she and I so she doesn't get too bored or mischievous while her playmate is away at school.

Leo is striving to be the best baby evah. He is a great sleeper which is something I have never had but I whole heartedly recommend. He basically sleeps through the night already and there is nothing sweeter than his little body snuggled up next to me. I was telling Johann this morning how I love that when he starts fussing or stirring in the bed usually all it takes is scooping him up and moving him next to me to get him to fall right back asleep. He can still have his times when it feels difficult but overall he has been pretty easy and I just adore him and am crossing my fingers he avoids catching this cold!

There you have it, Simonds in a (biggish) nutshell.

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Joshua and Rachel said...

That is not cool that you have a cold. I hope you feel better soon. Your little kiddos are so cute!