Monday, April 28, 2014


I am done being pregnant during holidays. It makes me feel like a slacker for not doing more crafts and activities with the kids but dang am I tired. Luckily for the kids that meant I dragged Johann into preparations this year and told him if he didn't go shopping with me for the kids' Easter stuff, it just might not happen. 

So Saturday morning the kids were happy with their surprises from the Easter bunny:

 Thea was invariably the first on the scene.

Henry finally came-to and joined us

Their Easter buckets aren't shaped well for fitting much in so pretty much everything they got except a few eggs with candy and a bag of cheetos (they always want cheetos but they get everywhere so I decided it'd be a welcome treat in their baskets) is out on the couch. 

They had fun going through their stuff, Dorothea had fun sneaking an egg at 7am and then we got ready for the day.

We were originally going to the Simonds' for Easter day but plans changed so we headed down Saturday after Thea's nap to spend some time there. 

I took a rink-a-dink dye packet and a few hard boiled eggs and the kids all got to dye two eggs. 

They had fun, but it was a little difficult keeping Thea and Apollo from dying their entire hands.

Afterwards the cousins all played outside, in the cars with the toys etc. It's nice that Thea has a cousin just her age to play with and Henry doesn't mind being the big cousin most of the time.  Later we all went to dinner then we headed back home.

Sunday morning the kids donned their new Easter outfits and I attempted pictures. Thea was SO grumpy that morning and I couldn't get her hair really done or get her to take a picture.

Henry let me snap one of him probably after I made some kind of threat...maybe to take away his Skylanders sticker book...

Even with Johann's morning meetings being canceled for Easter, the kids still weren't having it.

They are becoming more and more allied against  the parents and think it's hilarious to thwart our plans...

We tried, we failed, but at least they'll have photographic evidence for why I end up nuts when I'm older.

Finally we took off for church and had a good meeting for the most part. Poor Johann got stuck with Thea outside of sacrament meeting for half of the talks because she was still not having it but that meant I got to listen more fully and I enjoyed them. My brother who is in our ward now, spoke about Christ's resurrection and how he took the time to visit those two disciples on the road to emmaus and how when he ministered to the Nephites he also did so one by one and showed us what he did was an individual and personal sacrifice and gift to each of us. 
In YW we talked about the apostasy and restoration. I have to admit I was fairly grumpy when we left for church, I'm grateful I was able to be much more calm and feel more gratitude for my Savior as I heard the talks and lesson and leave with a better spirit.  
 After church the Simonds' came here and we all had a nice lunch/dinner prepared by my mom. Thea and Apollo had a good time showing off the old cell phones they found in one of the toy bins to grandpa and just getting into whatever they could.
It was nice to visit and be around our families and I think that despite a few hiccups we were able to have a nice Easter and remember our Savior's sacrifice and resurrection. Henry, however, still has a bit to learn because despite explaining to him that resurrected bodies are perfect, he still thinks he might be able to beat Jesus in a race. Maybe by next year...


Aaron and Devon said...

Love all the attempts at trying to get an Easter picture

Rachel said...

I love the Easter pictures I think they are great! It shows real life. It always take me about 50 pictures before I get one where everyone is looking nice.