Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer while Daddy worked

Sadly, after only having Johann home for a day once Leo was home, he went back to work. Thankfully, my mom was already done with the school year so she helped me a lot by taking care of basically all things dealing with meals, changing Thea etc. I tried really hard to lay low, but it was just not that easy to even with the help. So here are some of the things we did during the first part of our summer while Johann worked and I recovered. 

 We watched some Thea shows together. I took this and sent to Johann because it made me laugh, there was a kid on almost every portion of my body.

 I tried to do one activity with just Henry during Thea's nap time most days, even if it was just reading together. This was one of the pinterest things we tried-building with marshmallows and toothpicks. He liked it.

 Lots of dressing up.

Lots of sending the kids out to play in the sprinklers or with the hose. Thea got her towel one day and laid on it, Henry followed.

We tried another pin, the baking soda pie tin volcano. I don't feel it worked as well as I thought or it claimed but maybe my ratios were off. The kids had a messy good time none the less. 

 Visits from Grandpa and Abuela and trips to Freddy's for frozen custard.

Lots of building and playing with Zoobs-thanks Grammy! Henry found a small set in the target dollar sections and my mom liked them so much she got some for her class and for home. They are actually pretty fun building toys. 

Lots of drawing. Henry finally got a chance to sit down and use the books he'd gotten for his birthday. 

Plenty of adorable napping. 

Sneaking of Grammy's glasses and kindle. 

 There was also the Mini Mouse birthday party for friend, Lucy. The kids always have fun at her and her brother's parties. I was also pretty proud that I managed to survive with all three mostly solo (Johann had to leave for church stuff part way through), it helped that Leo slept the entire time and that Lucy's dad was able to unlock the bathroom Thea locked herself in at one point.

 We watched quite a bit of those chef competition shows on hulu and Henry started 'plating' everything.

 Annual kickball game started by friend Emily. The kids have so much fun!
Lots of little visits to Target for this and that. 

Orange juice making with oranges from Abuela and Grandpa's. 

 Ward picnic.

And Leo's blessing day after which daddy was finally going to be home!

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Rachel said...

Great blessing day picture. Is your dress and Annie's the same or do they just look like a similar print? It is very cute. Also Henry's drawings are pretty good. Looks like life with three kids is busy and fun.