Saturday, January 3, 2015

A New Year

Wednesday everyone returned from Oceanside. We got some crackers and had fun pulling them as well as letting the kids do some poppers. 

Leo even got in to the spirit of things for his first New Year's Eve.
We put the kids to bed and Johann and I watched It's a Wonderful Life. Can you believe I had never watched the entire movie? It's great! Maybe that will be our NYE tradition. 
With that, 2014 was over a gone. I'd say overall it was a good year, Johann started his much closer job, we had Leo and got to have a nice vacation together in nature. We feel blessed!

As for 2015, we went New Year's Day to Lake Gregory to enjoy a bit of snow with Johann's cousins and dad in the early afternoon.

Thea threw snowballs by coming and patting them into you.

It was so beautiful by the lake.

Thea finally warmed up to Leo and Rosana, I guess that he was willing to toss her up and down helped.

Back at the Simonds' house the kids played together and we had dinner. Thea isn't a big fan of tons of people being around and she snuck off at one point to watch Mickey Mouse in a back room. Poor Lisset started crying saying,  "she's all alone and we are playing so good with Henry and we were with her too, she'll be so sad and lonely." Rosana had to explain to her that she was happy and fine being alone but Lisset took a while to buy it. They are such kind playmates to the kids.

Since then we've just been home, we went out to lunch together with my mom and the kids and have done stuff around here. I'm hopeful about 2015. I'm hoping I can do everything I need to to have a good year and do what God needs me and our little family to do and that I can drop the less important things and work harder on the things that will bless us throughout our lives.
But I am sad to see how much older this little man is becoming and will become in 2015...

Happy New Year!

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