Friday, January 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

The day after Thanksgiving we set up Christmas. The kids were up to their usual antics. 

Henry rearranged the Nativity.

And scarred the living daylights out of me.

Dorothea amputated Santa's hands.

But finally we got everything up and I do love having Christmas decorations to look at night with a glowing fire.

The next day we went with my mom and brother Jacob to the Phelan animal sanctuary. It's in the middle of the sticks but it has about 10 tigers, a lion, some small monkeys, tortoises and alligators as well as about 15 servals, a sloth and the largest collection of poisonous snakes we've ever seen in addition to some other animals.  

 We saw a case of tortoise bullying go down. After it flipped it on it's back it righted it then walked away.

Mr. Leo's first time at any type of zoo.

One of the tigers.

The alligators.

There's a serval just behind us.

Mi madre and brother.

And no outing is complete without grabbing some Lola's. 

Then Sunday came and went and this little one was disappointed to realize Uncle Jacob had left and life was back to normal for another three weeks.

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