Friday, January 2, 2015

Leo turns 6 months

On December 5th Leo made it half way to a year.  He is still the smiliest and happiest baby we've had so far and the most mellow overall, though he is working on popping through a top tooth and isn't thrilled about that and is starting revive his disdain for car rides, especially at night. Recently, only the"doop, doop, didder daddum, wannum, choo" song has been capable of keeping him quiet or soothing him in the car, but even one night didn't succeed and he cried so hard he threw up three times on the 90 minute drive home. Hopefully it's just a phase! 

If you call his name, I'd say 90 percent of the time, he looks over at you with this expectant and goofy grin. 

He is still huge. Wearing mostly12 month clothes but I'm not sure of his length or weight, we go to the doctor's on Tuesday for all that.
The below picture is him with Johann's cousin's son, Jackson. He's turing 1 in a couple of days. lol.

Leo continues to be the YW mascot in the ward and this is at Young Women in Excellence where the girls displayed some of their talents/hobbies. One of the girls does drag racing and wanted a pic with Leo wearing her helmet.

He's still figuring out the whole moving around thing. He can wiggle his way around a room but has only gotten up on his knees a handful of times. He is sitting up pretty well but trying to figure out how to transition from sitting to the floor without going kerplunk.
He still loves to be cuddled and loved on. Thank goodness, for the most part, haha.

Everyone has opinions about who Leo looks like so I wanted to do a side by side of him with the other kids at 6 months.

He's still sleeping most of the night in our bed. He does all his napping in the crib and starts out the night in his crib, sleeps for 20 minutes in there then gets up to eat again and hopefully get put into our bed. Sometimes I put him back in the crib for another hour, sometimes he's up with me and Johann and sometimes I don't even try and just put him in the bed with me. Some nights I wish he was just in his crib so I could sleep comfortably all night long but then I remember how much I love waking up to this little face and try to embrace the time while it lasts.

We've given him rice cereal a couple times but it seems to stop him up for a few days which isn't ideal. He loves puffs to the point that Johann mentioned how he reaches up and grabs for them but not necessarily when we come to get him, haha. He does enjoy food though so we need to start giving him more I think, and hopefully some things that don't mess up his diapers.

Happy Six Months, Baby Boy!

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Maren said...

He's so cute! That picture with his cousin cracks me up. I know exactly what you mean about babies in your bed.