Saturday, January 3, 2015

Post Christmas Happenings

Saturday after Christmas we met up with Johann's parents, brother and our nephew at the Hesperia zoo. The tour guide was great and we learned some interesting things about the animals there. 

For instance, this beat has a thing for Hostess Twinkies. When Hostess went out of business they fed him imitation ones and he could tell the difference and refused them. When they went back in business, they bought several case loads to avoid the same problem later on, haha.

This tiger was amazingly beautiful.

They had some porcupine quills for the kids to handle and check out.

There was also a monkey at the end that did some tricks for everyone and the kids loved it clapping and getting into a package of fruit snacks. When it was over I asked Apollo what his favorite was and he said the monkey. His dad then said, "what about the tiger, Apollo, you liked that too, huh," to which he responded, "and monkey," haha. Boys and monkeys. It was Henry's favorite too. Thea said her favorite was the deer.

Afterwards we went and had some Thai food. Thea and Apollo love each other and it's so cute to see them give hugs goodbye.

The Sunday after Christmas there was a missionary fireside for all the missionaries who were going home that Monday. One of the sisters in our ward that Johann works with was going home and we went to see her off, as did a foyer full of other people from her previous wards! She was a great missionary and we are glad we got to have her in our ward! 

Also there was her first ward mission leader so we got a picture with the first and last ward mission leader.

There was also an Elder we had had in our ward about 6 months back. He was more smiley and chatty then we had ever known him to be. I think he was definitely ready to head home.

Monday we were suppose to go to Oceanside but with the bad weather there and not being sure what else we could do with the kids we opted to stay home. One of the things we knew the kids would be sad about it getting to watch tv in bed at the hotel so Johann put Henry's mattress in the tv room and we got the kids some snacks and let them lay on the bed and watch a movie together. They loved it. 

The next day Johann's cousin, his wife and two daughters who just arrived from Uruguay came with us to Medieval Times along with his mom and dad.
Leo was adorable in his little paper crown.

Lisset, Rosana and Sophia with Leo.

Checking out the wares.

Leo y Leo.

Seated and ready for the games to begin and cheer on the green knight. Thea also wins for best face.

They were both riveted. Henry by the knights and Thea by the horses.

Rosana caught a rose kissed then thrown by the green knight and it was hilarious to look over and see her cheering and Leo shaking his head, 'no.'

Henry was also thrilled about the whole eating a chicken leg with his hands deal.

On the way home a storm rolled through and the kids got to see snow coming down, pretty exciting for the desert people.

 And with that we were home and ready for New Year's Eve the next day.

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Maren said...

That was a crazy storm. Less snow and more wind where we were. Looks like you guys have been up to a lot of fun stuff!