Thursday, September 29, 2011

Field Trip

I think Henry's face in the picture above sums up how excited he was to go on his first preschool field trip, on Tuesday, to the fire station.

Two of the boys have dads who are firefighters in the same station so they talked to the kids about fire safety then gave them a tour and showed them all their fun fire fighting tools.

Do you see what is happening in the above picture? That's Henry and apparently his new best friend, but I think that changes daily, holding hands. They were just standing on the line learning about the truck and the next time I looked over they're holding hands! It was adorable. He rode over in our car with us to and from the station and they chatted and played in the backseat. It was pretty cute how they decided since they rode over together they would stick next to each other.

Looking through the truck was fun but I think Henry wasn't super impressed because last year in Provo they got to go on a fire truck and sit in the driver's seat, push buttons and all that fun stuff while they mostly just walked through this time.

If you know Henry, then you know he likes wearing costumes so trying on the jacket was a lot of fun for him.

But I believe his favorite part had to be shooting the fire hose. I love that they had kids 'back each other up.' I especially love that it is the smallest girl in the class being backed up by Henry who is probably the second or third smallest in the class. ha!

Now Henry shooting the water and being 'backed up' by one of the fire fighter's kids.

This fireman was so nice and he took a shine to Henry and even let him play on his radio and say a couple things over it to some other firemen. It was pretty funny.

The cousins-Raiden, Ariana and Henry on the fire truck.

The preschool and pre-K class with the fire fighting dads and miss Nancy.

Henry getting his hat at the end of the tour.

It was so fun to go to the fire station and see all the excitement of the kids. I can't wait for his next field trip!


Bryan and Natalie said...

Henry looks like he had so much fun!

Rachel said...

That is so fun! Henry looks like he his having a blast.