Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank you

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to everyone who commented on the last post or had some kind words to share. I really, sincerely appreciate your comments, kindness, understanding and empathy.
I'm grateful to know each of you and grateful that you took that time to read something that was hard for me and then to offer some words of understanding. I think sometimes it's scary for me to put things like that on my blog, kind of like letting someone come over when the dishes aren't done, I haven't showered and my hair is a mess; but instead of telling me I needed to shower, do my hair and do the dishes, you were considerate enough to listen to why things were in a bad state and say instead, "I understand." So with that, I am feeling quite a bit better and up to the things that I'm facing and will be facing morning after morning. So again, thank you.

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SSToone said...

I can't remember if I commented, but I commend your bravery of expressing yourself and being open about it. I fear doing that though I am a basket case about things all the time and could use some reassurance. I am grateful for your example! Hopefully it empowers me!