Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Holiday

I don't feel very on top of things lately, Valentines day this year is a good example. Last year we got Henry some fun little treats and gifts as well as something for each other, helped plan a party for all the kidfaces in the ward, attended said party and helped do a Relief Society Valentines activity.
This year it just snuck up on us and we didn't really realize until Sunday, when my very sweet visiting teaching brought us cookies, that it was coming in two days.

We saved a few to eat on Vday-thanks Amber and kids for the cookies!

Knowing Johann would probably be up and out of the door before Henry and I were up we decided to go ahead and have our Valentines day breakfast Monday night. Henry helped me make some pink heart shaped pancakes and I made the mistake of throwing some red dye on the eggs (come on, self, red plus yellow will not yield pink but orange) so we had semi pink pancakes and orange eggs.

After that I got to spend some time helping Henry write, and writing myself, on the Valentines for Henry's class party at preschool the next day. It was so weird for me to realize this was something I had to do this year. He's merging into full on kid life and it just seems so soon sometimes.

Now don't worry, all the stuff we did on Monday night still somehow didn't manage to sink in and when Johann woke up the next morning and said, "Happy Valentines Day" I think my response was something like, "Oh, crap." I had managed to forget again and was afraid I'd forgotten something, which I'm sure I did but I don't remember now.

Henry got lots of loot from preschool since he got to be around when the older kids did their party too and he got to make some fun crafts. Good thing he has preschool now, otherwise the poor kid would be craft starved.

Johann got home later that afternoon and brought some flowers and treats (I think he was feeling like we had slacked a lot this year too). He knows I'm not a big fan of flowers on Valentines but said he just wanted to have something nice on the table ( annnnd I think cover his behind in case my hormones all the sudden decided I would like flowers that year-smart man).

We talked and played with Henry for a bit and then got our very original heart shaped pizza dinner prepared. I even let Henry do most of the topping this year. There was a bit of a cheese overflow but, hey, the more cheese the merrier, right?

After dinner Henry finally got to go through his candy from preschool and pick out a couple of treats. Johann and I had some of the chocolate covered almonds and an airhead a piece, kind of passed out on the couch, put Henry to bed and then passed out for good feeling sufficiently sick for having eaten crud.

So overall, a pretty uneventful day, but at least we kept up a few of our traditions, no matter how uninventive. Henry seemed to have a fun day and heck, we got pizza and some pretty flowers for the table. I guess despite it being so last minute and hodge podge we can call it good for this year.

Happy Valentines Day!

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