Friday, February 24, 2012

Lil' Dragons

Back in January we signed Henry up for his first karate class at the rec center closest to our place. For 6 weeks, every Wednesday from 6-6.30 Henry got to ninja it up.

Henry with his friend Colin, from our ward.

Henry doing the obstacle course at the end of class.
Poor Henry, as you can see in the back most (and by the end of the class ALL) of the kids had uniforms. But they were 30 bucks! 30 bucks for a crummy uniform that made most of the kids trip. pssh. no thanks.

I was a little dismayed when after a brief introduction on the first night the teacher then gave all the parents the boot out of the room. I thought for sure Henry would do something crazy and that would be the end of karate lessons. Happily he didn't seem to have any problems aside from dancing in line while waiting for his turn on the obstacle course. Whew.

And it pretty much went like that every week. We drop him off and then at the end of class the teacher invited everyone to come back in to see the kids do the obstacle course that showed the skills they learned and some closing moves.

His teacher was really good and she didn't really let them act up at all. One of the moms said another class her old son had been in was total chaos but this lady definitely had them under control, which is pretty amazing when there are 7 three year olds with 6 of them boys.

Henry's last night of class, showing me some moves.

It was a really good experience and Henry loved going. I went ahead and signed him up for a peewee sports class that will go over the course of a month and a swimming class that will both start in April. I do like having these rec center classes for Henry and he loves them. Win-win.

*Note, Henry usually didn't even get in trouble when he danced in line even though they were suppose to stand still and she would correct other kids. He somehow managed to slip under the radar and I think I've found out what it is- the kid has magic hair. Every time he was by the teacher in line, she was totally petting his head and I think in turn he was hypnotizing her. Guess that's a good reason never to buzz him.

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Joshua and Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! Henry does have nice hair.