Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Birthday

Quarter of a century! Way to have made it this far, me!

Every year I think coming up with what I want for Christmas is hard and then just over a month later, I have to think of something for my birthday. Children, be grateful both of you will have mid-year birthdays away from big holidays.

Despite just getting over Christmas, it was a really nice not only birthday, but birthday weekend since my birthday was on a Monday.

On Saturday Johann decorated the apartment and his parents came out for the day. We spent time with them at the apartment, walked around the temple and then they treated us to a nice birthday dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. We had never been there before but we'd certainly like to go again. It was yummy. Thanks again, Jim and Trixi!

Then we came back to our place, skyped with Johann's sister and her fam (Saturday was her actual birthday) and had the tasty ice cream cake Johann got.
Sunday morning I got to sleep in-oh, it's so heavenly-and then was asked by a little voice at the side of the bed if I wanted to eat my breakfast in the bed or come downstairs and eat with him. I'm not a big fan of eating in the bed so I went downstairs to a nice breakfast prepared by the boys. Poor Johann though, it was fast Sunday and I felt a little bad eating while he did dishes and talked to me. I'd say he's a pretty good guy. =)
On Monday the 6th, my actual birthday, I got to be bossed around by Henry for the first half of the day. boo. He was kind of grumpy. Thankfully Johann had an early day, came home and I got to open my presents.
I think I must be hard to shop for, again, especially after Christmas but penguin classics' Coralie Bickford-Smith editions are always sure to please. He also actually surprised me gift-wise for I think the first time since we've been married and got me a new snoogle pillow cover. I've been needing one for a long time but Johann hates my giant pillow so I didn't think he'd buy it an accessory. Touche me. He picked a perfect pattern, probably what I'd have picked. Then he got another sure pleaser, a gift card to Old Navy. I'm going to need warm weather maternity clothes, most of mine are for winter.

After opening gifts we headed out to Hobby Lobby to pick out a frame for this lovely lady that I got at Christmas.
We found the frame pretty quickly then headed out to the Town Square mall to get some Kabuki. Luckily, our quick frame purchase meant we made it in time to Kabuki for sushi happy hour, which we didn't even know existed and got some sweet deals.

While I was jealous about not getting any philladelphia rolls, I was pretty content eating the other rolls with cooked meat. mmmm, I crave it all day, every day.

The server even picked up on the fact that it was my birthday and brought out a little treat.

Prior to the treat coming out, Henry had seen a frozen yogurt place across the way and asked if he could have some after. He did a good job eating his noodles, ate a california roll and tried an philly roll so we said we'd get him some.

We walked in, got Henry a little bit, Johann saw some funky flavors and got a bit too. When we went to pay the guy said we didn't need to put it on the scale, we were a bit confused asked how much and he said, "free." When we looked more confused he pointed to a sign that that it was blue spoon free day. Woot! So I went and got some and Johann added to his pittance. It's like the universe was making up for the Mitt Romney yogurt block a couple days before.
We finished our yogurt while walking around then hopped in the car and went to old navy and babies r us. We had a gift car from Johann's mom over Christmas to babies r us so we decided to go ahead and get the diaper bag and couple other things.
Finally we put Henry to bed, got birthday calls from some family and ate the pie Johann brought home while we watched a show together.
I'm pretty sure having a whole 3 days of birthday celebration will not be easily topped. But, I figure once we have another little one, something like this won't be doable for years so I am grateful to have had such a nice birthday this year.
Thank you to everyone who sent cards or messages for helping to make it such a lovely birthday! I love my family and I love Johann for always doing all he can to make sure I have a good birthday-he certainly succeeded this year!


Lowell said...

Yay for birthday celebrations! 25 sounds so old doesn't it...I hit 26 next month.
Glad things are going well. Hope you are feeling better with the pregnancy.

SSToone said...

Happy Birthday youngster! Looks like you had a great weekend and got so me sweet stuff for you and the baby!

Melissa said...

What a super Birthday. I feel like yours made up for mine, so I lived through your post. And I was just thinking about last year's V-day party at the church with you. Complete with candy, games, and balloons. It made me miss you. Thanks for being great. Happy Birthday to you!

Joshua and Rachel said...

Sounds like a big fun weekend. I am glad that you had a great birthday weekend.

Kelly and Nate said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday! We miss you guys.