Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get you some goals

Oh 2012, I tell Johann it's a good thing I'm making a baby because otherwise I would feel useless at times.

My goals last year were pretty sensible and I think I managed to at least work on them if not fully complete them.

I tried to make goals that were still doable during a crazy year and I know this year will be absolutely ridiculous especially once the baby comes and we have to do all the moving business again. So, better late than never, here are my goals for 2012:

1. Take a family picture (I know, you are all laughing, aren't you?)

2. Have an organized move come June

3. Attend the temple 12 times in the year

4. Be a better visiting teacher

5. Magnify my calling

6. Read Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of the Relief Society

7. Read 10 books (plays and short story collections can count too, maybe a few plays to count as 'a book')

8. Finish all of MI-5 (kind of a stupid one, but a doable one, plus I won't be able to handle it when the post-partum hormones come)

9. Have one-on-one time with Henry

10. Go on 6 actual dates with Johann (ie-not dates we have at home)

11. Continue working out daily

12. Work on family history (transcribing my dad's journal, taking names to the temple, they also just called a couple to teach a family history class so we'll attend that)

13. Send out birth announcements for the little one

Wish me luck! =)

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Rachel said...

Awesome goals. You can do it! Where do you think you will be moving to come June?