Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Notebook

Henry went through another drawing notebook and lots of scratch paper this summer. We saw Monsters U and he loved it, so he spent a lot of time drawing monsters. I hope Dorothea will like drawing or some other quiet, portable activity as much as Henry.

 We also saw Turbo

 I like how the guy above has this big smile about whatever it is they're about to go do
 I think the above one is suppose to be Pinocchio 

 Above is creepy bat guy. Below is worried bug man. 
 I love how he somehow knows putting those lines around the eyes makes him look worried. This kind of stuff has always been beyond me to think of then execute. 


Bryan and Natalie said...

Great drawings! He really does have a talent in drawing.

SSToone said...

He is definitely creative and an excellent artist! Great pictures!

Joshua and Rachel said...

Wow, he is great little artist.