Monday, August 26, 2013

Henry goes to Kindergarten

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 Henry had his first day of school. 
He was a little nervous that morning but mostly excited to go, especially since we were going with him for orientation. Softening of the blow, if you will. 

The morning of:

Once we got to the school, Sitting Bull Elementary, he was excited to get into the classroom and did a little run-walk to get there.

He got to play on the playground until the it was time to go in and meet his teacher, Mrs. Rampley.
 She seems to be a pretty high energy teacher and is really in to hands on and lots of physical activity for the kids-one of the the reason we wanted her as his teacher. She also has three classroom pets: a bearded dragon, snake and guinea pig name Cubby. She mentioned that throughout the year she'll bring in more animals for the kids to see as well. She also does a project in spring where she gets chicken eggs and has a special light that makes the shell translucent and the kids can watch the development of the chicks until they hatch them.
Henry was fairly quiet at first but once he got comfortable, he got talkie. When the principal and assistant principal came in, he even got a story in about his time at the beach with them. Most of the parents were laughing at how bold he was, Johann and I just mumbled, "man, who's kid is that?" until I finally had to tell him to lay off the story telling etc. I shouldn't have because then all the parents who were asking each other, "is that your son?" found out I was the mom and just laughed as they told me things like, "he's so cute and quite a conversationalist," "he must keep you entertained at home," etc. At least they were all kind or amused things but Henry definitely made his little mark.

The next day was his first day solo. It was good that Johann had furlough days so Thursday and Friday he was home with me and Thea so it wasn't as lonely.

 I asked him if he was excited to go without us and he did a little dance.
He seemed to have a good first day and below is the little picture they colored and I am putting here in case I manage to lose it.

So the first short week of school went well and Henry said he loves Mrs. Rampley. More on how it's gone since for another post. =) 


Maren and Patrick said...

I can't believe he's in kindergarten already! Glad he's settling in well. :)

Joshua and Rachel said...

He looks so big! That backpack looks pretty big on him, but so cute!