Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Visit from Uncle Derek and Ashley

Johann's brother, Derek, and his girlfriend, Ashley, came to Ca from Florida for a quick visit just before school started. We hadn't seem them since Christmas 2011 so it was really nice to catch up and hang out together. 

Saturday we went to Big Bear and did a little hiking, picnicing, site seeing and hung around the discovery center for a bit. 

 Henry got to wear their gopro camera that they were testing out before Ashley took it for a dive she was doing the next week. 

 At the nature center.

 Henry and this kid had a great theological discussion.
Kid: Do you know about God and Jesus?
Henry (exasperated):Yeah, yeah, yeah I know all about it. Everything, okay?

Sunday we went to Johann's parent's house to visit and bbq.
 Apollo and Thea
Ashley and Derek with Thea
 And Apollo
 And all the kids

Monday and Tuesday they were in SD so we got together Wednesday after Henry's orientation. We went down the hill and had some indian food for lunch then strolled around Victoria Gardens. I exercised fantastic restraint and didn't buy the kids anything.
 They had fun playing at the 'splash pad' they have there, even though it took Thea a while to warm up to it. 

After we had walked around and visited for a bit, it was time for us to head home since Henry had his real first day of school coming up and Derek and Ashley needed to get packing for their flight leaving the next day. Hopefully it won't be an almost 2 year gap until the next time we see them. Come visit again soon!

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