Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Knotts Berry Farm

This year school started on a Wednesday and as our last hurrah we went on the Monday a week prior before to Knotts Betty Farm. It was a lot of fun! In fact, I think I had more fun there than when we went to Disneyland, maybe because our entire day there was a little less or equal to what it cost just to get into Disneyland. Also we were able to get on more rides and I think we were more kick-back about the whole outing and just wanting to have a last fun summer day together before the big change of having Henry in school. I think if we go back to any theme parks anytime soon, this would top our list. I'm still going to try to hold out and not go until the youngest can ride most rides, though. 

 Henry's first ride in Camp Snoopy. He wasn't sure at first but once the other kids started laughing he smiled and enjoyed himself. 

 On the train in Camp Snoopy. I'm going to make Johann practice getting good pics of the kids...

 Airplane ride where Henry got ticked at the kid behind him because he wouldn't let them go up because he said he is scared of heights...uhm, who sent him on this ride???
Below is the race car ride that was a family fav. I think we rode it a couple more times that day. 

 The hot air balloon ride

 On the real train
Henry got tired and found a way to be 'carried'

 Snoopy on Ice. Don't do it to yourself. Just don't. Not so much Snoopy. Much too much awkward ice skating and concepts with every trite, tacky performance song ever. And lots of shimmying. Lots. 
 Finally let Henry get some face painting.
Riding on the carriage-we got to sit up top with the drivers-woohoo. 
 And last but not least, funnel cake. Though these were HUGE in comparison to what I remember and we weren't really able to eat more than a few bites because of our late lunch. It was still pretty good though.

So it was a good way to say goodbye to summer and usher in the school year. Goodbye summer of 2013.

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