Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby Simonds 3.0

Tomorrow I'll be 31 weeks which means only 8 more until baby Simonds 3.0 arrives! In some ways it seems a while a way but in others it seems like there is no way it could happen so soon.

I had a check up today, baby is head down and if you can make out his little nose towards the center of the picture you might be able to tell that baby already has chub on his face--he's measuring at 12 inches from head to bum and weighs about 4lbs!

The docs thought Henry would be about 8lbs but they didn't do an ultrasound, it was just by feel and he ended up at 7lbs 14 oz at a week over and Thea was 7lbs 7.6 oz a week early. But my guess is we will in fact have a little chunker but if there is ever a time in life that being chunky is adorable, it's when you're a baby and I'm already caesarean anyway so I won't have to worry about pushing a bigger baby out.

I finally washed my first load of baby laundry, order a few more clothes where Henry's stash was lacking and we ordered the car seat. I picked up some baby hangers and a little pack of newborn diapers (when I smelled them at the store I almost started crying-thanks hormones!) on Saturday so at least now I feel like if for some reason he comes early we can cover for a few days just fine.

Now we've just got to get bedding down and set up the swing, bassinet/rocker and that type of stuff.

31 weeks down, 8 to go! =)


Maren said...

Wow, you're getting close. You are so prepared. Yay for peace of mind. :)

Rachel said...

Oh man it is getting so close, I can't believe it! This is so exciting.