Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Breaking II

Part II of our SD trip was to the Zoo. We figured the exhibits were what we came for for Henry and Thea hadn't been to the zoo since she was close to 6 months. 

We had breakfast at a nearby Waffle House that had good Yelp reviews and I can see why people like it, it felt like we were eating somewhere from 40 years ago, but I'm not sure we'd go back. Henry and Thea loved it though, Henry mostly because he got to draw a vampire waffle and give it to them to put up. 

 Proud of his Waffle House sticker

Henry has been to the zoo so many times I thought it'd be good to give him and activity to do while there and printed a little zoo passport for him to fill out while we were there. He loved it for the first half of the day, then got tired and didn't do too much more on it. 

 When he was first really into it, recording information about the Caiman from the zoo worker. It was so cute to watch him 'interview' him. 

 Lots of Koalas out that morning. 

Thea spent the bulk of the time looking at the animals and waving to them and saying "Hi, (insert animals name)!!!"
 It was a cool day so lots of animals were out and we got to see them very closely like this hugenormous rhino. 

 This camel was angry, disgusting and hilarious. 

 Elephant Odyessy 

 Taking a little break and playing. Henry and two other boys got up some game together and when they were running and chasing each other Dorothea was running behind yelling and shaking her head, "No, no, no!" 

Feeling part of an elephant's tusk. It was so heavy!


After our ride we saw a couple more animals then stopped and had lunch and prepared to see the next half of the park.

 They had a helicopter for the kids to try out in between exhibits. 

Where the kids and Johann had the privilege of  seeing a monkey barf into his hand then eat it...glad I missed it, for sure. 

 For the last leg and when we took our guided bus tour, Thea was conked out. 

We woke her up to make one last stop at the petting zoo. 

We ended the day there by letting them play on the playground they have next to the petting zoo in hope of wearing them out for the car ride home. We left the park, put them in their pjs, grabbed some dinner on the way and headed back home. Henry fell asleep pretty quickly but Thea held out until the last half hour of the drive.

We had such a fun time and hopefully we'll still be able to go on a few little trips here and there once little one is born and we are out numbered. It was a quick trip but I think we made the most out of our less than 48 hour visit and am so glad we decided to go!


Bryan and Natalie said...

About the monkey barfing and eating it - Bryan said, "Any day you go to the Zoo and don't see a monkey wacking it is a good day!" That's what happened when we went last. We also saw a couple more things that may have been worse...

Rachel said...

That looks like fun.

Aaron and Devon said...

Gotta lev a good spring break vacation