Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break III

Here are the odds and ends of the Spring Breaks: 

The weekend before Johann's break my brother came from NorCal to visit for the weekend. 
The kids love having visitors!

He got here on 3.14 and treated us to In-n-Out and pie...mmm. Poor Johann was sick that night though so he stayed home and tried to recoup quickly so he wouldn't spend his whole break sick.

Saturday we hung out and then went down the hill to a Japanese place called Gyu Kaku where you cook your food at the table for my oldest brothers birthday. I think next time we'll go without the kids, but neither managed to get burned-phew.

 Thea was on the opposite side of the table from Henry and when the food was all done cooking and most of the eating was done we let her go over to see him and she hugged the heck out of him.

 We strolled around victoria gardens and got some treats as well before heading back home.
Sunday we went to church and then it was time for Uncle to head back. It was nice to see him and I think he and Thea were finally able to bond. She still asks for "Uncle Jakob" every once and a while.

One of the highlights of spring break for Thea was having daddy home. I came back after dropping Henry at school one morning to her in bed with part of a breakfast burrito and daddy's phone. She was in heaven.

We also took a trip to Ikea to get some furniture for the playroom and Thea loved being able to run around and not be confined to the cart like she usually is when it's just me with her at a store.

 She loooves her daddy. 
It was nice to be able to give her both our attention the times Henry was at school, she's never really gotten that and she soaked it up.

Then sadly, daddy went back to work and we had to fend fun for ourselves, and do it more cheaply since we had had a big week while daddy was home.

 Henry has been saying he wants to grow his hair out but then got jealous when he saw daddy got his hair cut and said he wanted it cut after all.
 So one day was getting a haircut and getting to go to McDonalds for lunch and play on the play set there.

Then on Wednesday I was helping drive young women out to Riverside to use up some groupons for ice skating the last presidency had gotten but weren't able to use. Thankfully the president said it was fine to bring Henry and I enlisted some of the girls to be his skate slaves since I wouldn't be able to with the baby brewing and all. Thea got to stay home and have a day with Grammy.

 He had a look of pure delight the entire time and the girls and other leaders were so helpful and kind to him. He now says ice skating is his favorite sport.

Not much could top ice skating for Henry's week off but we did manage to get to the park on Friday with a friend and both kids had a good time doing that.

Now that all our spring breaking is over, I'm a little sad. Vacationing is definitely more fun than not! Since summer will be transition with the new baby here, I'll just have to look forward to Christmas break!  

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Rachel said...

It looks like the weather has been pretty nice. So fun to be with family.