Monday, September 19, 2016

Baby Steps

I really want to start blogging again but it seems so overwhelming because I've missed so much. The most difficult part is getting the pictures together because our hard drive is full and moving things to the external drive and then back is a hassle. I know, my lazy is showing.
 I realize we're not going to remember half of the things about Thea we do of Henry, and ever less than half of what we remember about Thea for Leo. With that in mind I'm challenging myself to do a post a day while I work on catching up, just to get into the swing of things. Sometimes it might just be a picture a quick sentence, but hopefully it'll help me.

Today we dropped Henry at school, Johann went to work, Thea, Leo and I got ready and went to visit my old college roommate, friend and her family since they were in town briefly visiting family. The kids played well together while we chatted. It's always nice to find a way to keep up those ties.

Then we went and did our daily Mon-Fri visit to check-in on and feed my brother's dog/puppy, Sammy.

Home for lunch with Johann, Leo down for a quick nap, then school pick up.

My visiting teachers came over then we piled into the van to have family home evening, ie family business and a quick lesson about how we can help our family and what we would like to feel supported and loved in our family. Henry said help with his homework; Thea said to not delete her Geodude on pokemon go (Henry threatened this earlier); Leo said "sammy," and "church."

Then we got to costco where we had dinner, and went to get waffles for my nephew's upcoming birthday party this weekend. He's having a waffle bar and breakfast Minecraft party. I'm all for any reason to eat more breakfast. Then we came home, read a book and bed time.

Things I want to remember about today:
Leo is still hilarious about putting on his hat and backpack before he goes anywhere. The last time we were at someone's house he was loading up his backpack with their daughter's toys. We figured this must be why he brings it everywhere. Today he managed to not pillage anything at our visiting friend's house so I have hope. :-)

Thea is really, really in to Pokemon Go. The funniest thing is she is always talking about "involving" her Pokemon instead of "evolving" them. I couldn't help myself as asked her today what types of things she was thinking-some after school groups or sports groups. She wasn't impressed.

Henry is still my sensitive kid, but he is also funny, and insightful, and I appreciate having someone else in the house who's brain goes to the literal/silly conclusion for fun. For example, Johann said tonight during FHE that he would like us to all be put down to bed on time. Henry immediately conjured up a picture of me rocking Johann in a chair, singing lullabies, ie getting him put down to bed.

Well, I think that's about all!

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