Thursday, September 22, 2016

Willfulness, Wonderfulness, and Wizardry

Oh Leo, he's starting to have more and more opinions; lately it's been about his clothing. For instances, today he needed to wear two shirts. 

Oh Thea, it's hard when you don't want your lunch to "copy" your brothers and then realize you can't make your own lunch when your mom refuses to help you, then she feels bad and helps you but she helps you not in the way you want. Life is hard. 

 But then you have them all watching a youtube dance channel together in what is such an adorable sight that you might die from it. So much cute. 

And lastly my sister in law reminded me today that I haven't done any of the cool stuff on Pottermore so as a reward for myself for finishing up my last bigger church assignment for a while I took all the tests. Fun stuff. 

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