Tuesday, September 20, 2016

 Found Leo like this last night. He likes rocking in the chair at night and fell asleep then slipped off part way. 
 We had a busy morning with school drop-off, preschool, visiting teaching and Sammy tending. My mom sometimes leaves treats for the kids at the house for them to find when we go there to see Sammy and these "mini" ice cream bars did not disappoint the kids for sure. 
 Henry had his after dinner, as seen behind Leo who made us put his pjs on this way so you could see the superman S on them and he was running around flexing saying, "ooopa mahn!!!" 
We also had Henry's soccer practice today and it was actually overcast and moist and windy. Felt so good! I also got to chat with a lady from our stake who's daughter's practice is at the same time. 

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