Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've been bad about posting what has been happening this year. I've mostly been indulging my own strain of thoughts here. What a narcissist. So, I'm attempting to catch up with what has been going on and add some pictures. Here we go:

From the beginning of March through the beginning of April we had lots of visits. It was a lot of fun to have family around especially since winter here is long and sometimes a little lonely because we don't get out of the house as much. So here are some pictures from the visits of three uncles and one Grammy.

Uncle Derek came for about a week and painted some masterpieces with Henry. My favorite part is when Derek painted a pig and Henry asked what it was. When Derek replied, "It's a pig," Henry laughed and said, "OH I thought it was a DOG," in a 'wow that's a horrible pig' type of way.

Practicing good hygiene.

Then came uncle Jacob for his spring break to play superheroes. Can you imagine leaving sunny LA for snow plastered Utah for SPRING break. He must be crazy! ;-)

Then came Grammy to do lots of reading...

and lots of toy buying. Henry was definitely good with this aspect of the visit.

Trying to copy Grammy in the car, and happy to have a backseat companion.

Then came uncle Aaron. Henry was really excited to show him he had a hat 'just like his.'

My favorite portion of Aaron's visit. Aaron bought Henry this giant foam sword. I told Henry it's called an 'Uncle stick' and only to be used on Uncles. He made sure to get his fill of using the uncle stick on all three but I think he was most vigorous with the giver of the uncle stick. HA!
1 point mom, 0 points uncles!

And the final picture is of my attempt to be a good LDS mom during conference. The coloring packets worked for a while but the whole, pick the candy with the apostle's face that is the same as the one speaking, was a HORRIBLE idea. After just two of those mini candies Henry went bonkers and could not hold still. Needless to say, we won't be doing that one again.

Thanks to the fam for coming out to visit us. It really is fun!

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Joshua and Rachel said...

Visits are fun, especially when it is family. I really liked the coloring idea for conference that is cool. I can see how the candy would have been bad.