Saturday, April 23, 2011


Johann has now had 2 interviews for a 2011-2012 school year internship. One was for Clark County which covers Henderson, NV all the way to Mesquite, NV-it's the 5th largest district in the nation. He was subsequently offered a position there. As we were considering accepting the position, a district in Escondido, Ca called to set up an interview with him. That took place Thursday and they will let him know early on in May. That is the basic run down.

The Clark County experience was really laid back and Johann enjoyed interviewing there. The Escondido experience was quite different. It is the only paid Southern California internship we've seen so they were running quite the interview factory, every 20-30 minutes a new student was being interviewed and Johann interviewed on day 2 so you can imagine just how many people are going for that position. Johann feels like he did the best he could in the interview though they seemed somewhat disinterested and he is ridiculously qualified so we will just wait and see.

Escondido is, well, Escondido. It's beautiful. It pays about 10,o00 more. It is an hour closer to family. And it's beautiful.
Henderson/Las Vegas area is where some of my extended family live. The district is huge and Johann has a lot of say about what kind of experiences he wants to have while there. He was offered the position. It's cheaper to live there than Escondido. We really enjoyed visiting there.

Hopefully Escondido will let us know very soon what their decision is. If they say they want him we'll have to pray and think about it all some more, if not, I am pretty sure that we can plan on heading to Henderson, NV come this August. It will just be so nice to know where we will be!


Joshua and Rachel said...

That is always hard. Hopefully you will find out soon. Good Luck!

Ashby Family said...

Hey you'd be right next to my parents in Escondido too. I can't believe how many interviews they must have done. Good Luck, I do hope they let you know soon. Its always hard feeling up in the air. I'd love if you came here it would be so much fun! Either way I think both places sound like a great jumping off point for Johann and your family! (either place gets you closer to Apple Valley)

Aaron and Devon said...

Well where ever you go, Johann will do great!