Saturday, April 30, 2011


In addition to having lots of visitors these past few months, we've done a couple visits. The first was a long weekend visit (Thurs-Sat) to Las Vegas/Henderson for an internship interview with Clark County School District.
My cousin Nancy and her family were gracious enough to let us stay with them and to feed us. Thank you again, Nancy! Johann's parents also made the three and a half hour drive to come visit us for the day on Saturday and we got to go to the birthday party for the son (Raiden) of my other cousin George.

Friday consisted of lots of nerves waiting for the interview for Johann and myself, but Henry enjoyed having a backyard and new toys to play with. We also got to do a group date with my cousins which was lots of fun. Rare to have a calm dinner out with other adults!

Henry hangin' with Sully

Sliding with Nancy's daughter, Ariana


Saturday we met up with Johann's parents and ventured to see the Hoover Dam and Boulder City.

On our way to the Hoover Dam with Grandpa and Abuela

Bridge over the Hoover Dam

Boulder City Diner, "Mel's". "Never trust a skinny cook." Amen.

Henry's giant pancakes.

They had DELICIOUS fries. The burger was way good too.

Cute Raiden on his first birthday.

Aunt Janice & Henry passed out on the couch at the party.
This picture pretty much sums up how we were feeling by the end of our fun quick trip.


Joshua and Rachel said...

The pancake, Burger and fries look delicious!

Ashby Family said...

The two of them passed out together is my favorite.