Saturday, August 23, 2014

Father's Day

I have to admit I thought about just putting a bow on Leo and telling Johann 'Happy Father's day!' a few times but instead I can thank amazon for being 'amazon-ing!'.  Too lame?

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'll do it now: Johann is a big fan of hobbies. There is always some new hobby he wants to try. I think he has either kept up or dabbled a bit in- art, writing, bongos, long boarding, guitar, drums, surfing, swimming, singing, jazz, old school shaving, 60s music, rockets and most recently mandolin playing, cooking, thinking about gardening and blogging. So the kids and I decided to get him a book of some Beatles songs for Mandolin, a book about gardening, a cd, a shaving bar and a gift card. I'd say he made out well for Father's day!

I also made *ahem* toaster waffles and *ahem* microwavable sausage for breakfast that morning since meetings were canceled. 
I stayed home with Leo while he took the kids to church so I could get some rest. I'm sad I missed the kids singing but it was fun to see this survey Henry did about Johann:

My dad's name is: Johann
I love my dad because: he works hard for me
My dad and I like to: rest and watch soccer
My dad's favorite thing to do is: sleep
My dad is special because: he is a part of my family

We both laughed about the emphasis on sleep, but who doesn't love sleep? :)

I'm grateful for the dad Johann is to our children. I know he truly loves them and is always working towards being the best dad he can be and sets a good example of following the Savior and keeping the commandments. Happy Father's day, Johann!

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Rachel said...

I love the survey Henry did, especially the sleep part. He is too cute.