Friday, August 22, 2014

Hospital Stay and Coming Home

The rest of the stay was thankfully uneventful. Just lots of me walking the halls, snuggling Leo and seeing the kids when my mom or Johann could bring them by. 

Henry seemed like he was pretty comfortable with this whole new baby thing, Dorothea was more interested in all the gadgets in my section of the room after 5 minutes of 'baby E-O'.

Grammy and Abuela and Grandpa all came by as well.

While getting in to the hospital was extremely slow, getting out was worse. My discharge started on Saturday night and I didn't get to go home until Sunday evening. Sunday was an extremely frustrating day. I had a nurse that was so, so, so nuts and I hate to sound ageist but I think she was just too old to do her job. I couldn't get her to bring me medicine or water yet had to get another nurse to explain to her that I could do a suppository without her assistance. Dear heavens thank you for sending that other nurse to get her off my case, I can't imagine what might have happened had I been subjected to that! 
She also disappeared frequently and none of the other nurses knew where she went exactly. Part of me was glad because it meant she wouldn't come in right after Leo had peed though I changed him five minutes before and have her say something about 'whooping' me if I forget to change the baby; the other part was sad because it meant she was not working on the discharge paper work and it was more time in the hospital. 

Getting Leo ready to head home

Finally some other nurses helped her with the new computer system and we were free to go. My original nurse saw how she was trying to come with us out to the car and said she'd take over. Thank goodness!
He peed all through this one somehow so we had to change him right before leaving. 

As I mentioned earlier, we made it home Sunday evening safe and sound, even if a bit harassed feeling. 
I've never been so grateful to get home from the hospital as I was that day.
So happy to have brought baby Leo home as the newest member of our little family! 

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