Saturday, August 16, 2014

Henry the 6 year old: Turning 6

On Wednesday, May 14th our Henry Dean turned 6 years old.

Henry woke up to a drawing book from Grammy and new shoes (the 3rd or 4th pair for the school year-sheesh) and clothes from mom and dad.

We ran through the normal morning routine and after dropping Henry off at school, Thea and I went to pick up cupcakes from Stater Brothers to take in to his class that afternoon. 

 We ordered Skylanders Rings to put on top

The class sang happy 'Happy Birthday' to him and we all had some cupcakes.

That night when Daddy got home we took Henry to his meal of choice-McDonalds at the mall. Then we browsed around B&N and let Henry pick out a birthday book, I believe it was during this trip that he picked Aliens on Vacation. It was eh, but he liked most of it. 

Then we headed home, got ready for bed and tucked in our big 6 year old boy.

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Rachel said...

It is pretty crazy that he is six. I remember when you brought him home from the hospital. Man time goes by really fast.