Saturday, August 16, 2014

Henry the 6 year old: Birthday Party

Henry's first weekend as a 6 year old was spent having a family birthday party. 

First we met up with Grammy, Uncle Aaron, Grandpa, Abuela, Uncle Kaleb and Apollo for lunch at Red Robin. 

After lunch we came back home for cake, ice cream and presents. 


Henry had a good time opening presents and we're grateful for the kindness of family in all they got for him.

That same night Henry's school had the chance to run onto the field at Maverick's Stadium and high five Woolley Bully. They didn't want parents going with the kids but the line was so huge and there were so many kids I kind of freaked out until low and behold one of my sweet Beehives showed up and had Henry stay with her, phew. 

We stayed about half-way through the game with Grandpa and Abuela then decided to head home since it was getting so late.  The kids seemed to have a good time being there. 

We said we were going to scale birthdays back except for certain ones but with everything we did for Henry's it didn't feel that way to my 8 plus pregnant self at the time. So we'll see how next year goes.

Henry definitely had a good start to his 6th year and just seems to be growing into more of a big kid daily. He still has his own way of doing things and has strong emotions and opinions; while it can be trying sometimes, I don't know I'd change it. He keeps things interesting around here and I'm so proud of how he is continually trying to become the best he can even if he falters now and again. He really wants to do whats right. He is also becoming our Mr Sensitivity: recently he was crying a little and we asked him what was wrong and he said, "Nothing, I'm just crying because I love my family and I have a family that loves me." He also loves to 'plan' things for us. We often hear, "I was thinking we could all..." insert some activity. He really is our 'home ruler' just like his name says.
Henry came into our lives as the biggest and best surprise we've ever had. We can't imagine our family without him. Happy Birthday, dear Henry Dean!

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Rachel said...

Looks like a great Birthday celebration!