Thursday, January 6, 2011

California Christmas Break Part II: San Diego Wild Animal Park

A little over a week before Christmas we headed to the San Diego Wild Animal Park with Johann's parents, brother Derek and my brother Jacob.
It felt like the park was completely empty which was a little eerie at first but then I loved not having the crowds and being able to stay and look at one area as long as we liked.
It was overcast and a little chilly but I think that contributed to the animals being out and about more. We had a fun time!

Henry taking the classic rhino statue picture.

The lions stayed snuggled up next to the glass panel (a lady told us they heat it) so we got to be up close and personal. Henry loved it!

Henry tried to make a little friend but she just wasn't going for it. Poor guy.

The King of the Jungle finally moves, only to reposition himself for more napping.

Checking up on Henry's measurements.

Pretty sure the gorilla on the rock was head honcho and put the other gorilla in time out. Sad.

Henry doing his best flamingo.
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