Saturday, January 22, 2011

Date night

*WARNING. I USE THE WORD BARF (or some variation of it) multiple times in this post.*

As you may have read in the previous post, one of my goals this year is to go on a weekly date with Johann.
We started a babysitting swap with another couple in our ward and this weekend was going to be our first time carrying it out.
Then Henry got sick.
He seemed to be getting better.
Then he did a little mini-barf during his nap.
We called and canceled with our friends figuring getting their two kids sick would not be appreciated.
We decided we still needed to have a date and we needed to watch "Doubt" which we had sitting around from Netflix for almost a week. Done deal. Henry in bed, "Doubt" and ice cream. Not a bad date.
Half way through, *cough, cough* *BLLLLLEEEAAAAH*
Man. Henry has never really puked until last night.
It was gross.
Then as we were trying to get the situation under control-enter the follow up act, then lots of tears and confusion; from Henry, I know, you thought Johann.
So what is the point of this post aside from me talking about my kid's puke?
Sometimes the realization of being fully invested in having a family kicks in and I realize I don't mind it. In fact, I like it. Not the cleaning up muck part so much, but the fact that when we hear Henry upchuck during our 'date' we just get up and take care of it. Clean, comfort and get him what he needs until he is ready to sleep again. And then go back and finish our date.
We'll be doing this dance for the rest of our lives and I don't mind. Not one bit. I enjoy the tune far too much.

*I thought Henry had Conan 'do going on and couldn't resist.*


Bryan and Natalie said...

Oh poor Henry!! I feel so bad for him! Also, how did you like Doubt? I didn't like it very much. It made me feel dirty.

Simonds Family said...

It made you feel dirty? I'm not sure I understand-why?
I actually really, really liked it.
It's always to refreshing to see a film that has engaging dialog and demands you do some thinking, I mean in this case it's obviously because it was a play first and words matter there more than they traditionally do in films, but it was nice in the comfort of my own home. =) In fact, I wish I could have used a film like this for my formalism class, the visual and the dialog were chalk full of fun allusions.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy! I'm not sure I've ever felt such compassion for a person as when Evan threw up. Before parenthood I thought it would be so disgusting to have a kid barfing all over - not that it's lovely or anything, but I don't really even pay attention to the nasty factor. I just feel so terrible that he's miserable. Is Henry doing any better? He has the coolest bedsheets EVER, so I bet that helps

Jessica Lynn Perkins said...

It's amazing how easy it is to clean up puke and tend to sick kids when they're *your* kids. It really isn't hard. I am always surprised by that too!