Thursday, January 6, 2011

California Christmas Break Part V: Christmas!

Henry poking around the tree on Christmas eve at my mom's house. He was pretty good and never opened any gifts but he was awfully curios the first few days when we arrived in California.

Annual Goodwin Christmas Eve Mexican Dinner.
I love that after going through years and years of doing the ham and all that traditional stuff my mom decided to go with something she knew everyone loved: mexican food. So my brother Aaron makes ridiculously good salsas and guacamole, my mom does enchiladas, chicken taquitos (above), beans and rice, and orders tamales. It is a ton of food and the leftovers last for weeks. Delicious.

We opened gifts at my mom's early Christmas morning. Henry was, of course, the first to be up (aside from my mom who was making...)

These delicious cinnamon rolls. I have never met a cinnamon that I liked better than my mama's.

Then we headed to Riverside to open gifts and spend the day with Johann's family. There, Henry opened what I think is his favorite gift this year, a combo pack of super hero costumes: robin, batman and superman. Robin is his favorite. He had everyone (especially aunt Nanni) helping him switch costumes constantly though and continues to do so. A day hasn't gone by yet that he doesn't want to wear them.

We had a very Merry Christmas. It makes me sad to think that this could be the last one where most everyone in our immediate families is together. I hope we get to live near everyone but in the event that we don't, I am grateful we were able to have this wonderful family filled Christmas.
Every year when Christmas rolls away and that special spirit leaves, I'm reminded how grateful I am for my Savior-his birth and mission on earth that make it possible for me and my family to return to him again and how wonderful it will be to have that spirit present everywhere always.

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