Thursday, January 6, 2011

California Christmas Break Part VI: Grammy Fern

Growing up my parents would take us at least monthly to visit my Grandma Fern and Grandpa Hat (Hakell) who live in Hemet. After my dad passed away and the stress/time of taking care of a family of 5 fell all to my mom alone, our visits, understandably were less frequent.
Grandma would come and visit us when her health permitted but then she was no longer able to.
Now we're all a bit scattered around but whenever we go back for breaks we make sure to go and see Grandma Fern.
I love seeing Henry play with Grammy Fern. She is still so with it every time we've been to visit with Henry and I think they both get a kick out of each other.

Here, Henry is scarring Grammy Fern with his big muscles so she retreats behind Johann for protection.

Our family with Grammy Fern.

It was a fun visit. I hope that Henry will continue to get to see and know her. She is a really great woman.

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