Thursday, January 6, 2011

California Christmas Break Part IV: Tangled

I think I may have ruined my husband's emotional side. I began to realize the extent of it when we went to see Tangled over the break.
During the scene pictured above, which is suppose to be the romantic climax with the beautiful lanterns lit all around them as they sing in a little rowboat on the water, Johann leans over and says to me, "I hope those lanterns are biodegradable. Can you imagine all those lanterns year after year..." bah haha. I almost died.
There is another part of the movie where something happens with her hair (I won't say exactly what since it would spoil the film) and he said, "Oh and it's just magically styled just like that, huh?" haha. "Romantic" movies with my husband always turns a bit funny.
Overall we liked it though. Some of the songs were a little too much for my taste but the characters were fun and so was the animation. A cute little flick.

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