Thursday, January 6, 2011

California Christmas Break Part III: Emma Jean's

Emma Jean's is a little, and I mean very little, diner just near the D street freeway entrance in Apple Valley/Oro Grand area. My brother told us about it many times but we never were able to squeeze in a visit until our extended Christmas break this year. It has one of the best dinning atmosphere's I've ever experienced; it's noisy but not crazy, pretty much if you're there anyone of the regulars has a right to, and will talk to you, and one of the owners who serves as the waitress is nice but tough and will tell you when you've got something wrong, like when I thought two pancakes for Henry, she basically gave me this knowing look and said, "Nah, we'll give him one and see how that goes." ha. It really was a big pancake.
Moving on to the food.
I am almost certain that when I die, the coroner will list the main cause of death and then right under it he'll list a secondary cause: THE BRIAN BURGER.

This delicious burger stood no chance once I had a single bite.
The bread was soooo good, the meat was soooo good, the chilies, the cheese...
aaahh. It was sickly good.
Simple and tasty.
Not only did I eat my entire burger,
I finished the all perfectly little fried devil's fingers too.
And half of Henry's mickey mouse pancakes.
They tasted like little cinnamon pancake heaven.
Go ahead and start judging.
It was worth it.

So to my brother who introduced us to Emma Jean's, thank you. But now I have to start planning my funeral, especially if we ever live within a 50 mile radius of Emma Jeans.

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