Saturday, January 22, 2011

Provo Library Used Book Sale

I am really bad with couponing, finding deals etc. It's not one of my domestic/consumer strong points. But yesterday I feel like I did do something right in that area.

We got 37 books for 19.50 yesterday at the Provo City Library Used book sale. Most of the books are in pretty fair condition, I had to go through and tape a few but overall not too bad.
We even managed to snag Doctrines of Salvation for a buck. Not in pristine condition by any means but for a buck? Yeah, I 'll take it.

Henry found an old Batman and Robin comic book. Of course he snagged it and we had to get it for him to peruse. Oh, Henry.


Maren said...

Nice. I'm addicted to book shopping at the Salvation Army now. Their kids books are 3/$1. How can anyone resist?

And I was thinking along the same lines, that with the majority of teachers (below college level, anyway) being female and such, that school isn't set up for girls to fail. But Orenstein presents a really different picture in which even the classroom structure is really geared towards boys. I didn't really notice this in my own schooling, so I don't think it's like that everywhere, but what she shows in the school she visited is pretty bad. I agree just seems like a lose-lose situation all around. We need an education overhaul after the health care thing quiets down.

Also, since apparently I like making really long comments, do you have any good recommendations for academic books about women/women's studies, etc.? You mention some every so often and I'm feeling the need to pretend like I'm still in school.

Ashby Family said...

Awesome! Henry's picture with him and his book just make me smile.

Jessica Lynn Perkins said...

Sweet! I get excited for a good deal on books. They are so much better than toys! I feel like I am throwing money in the trash when I buy toys because they grow out of them so fast. But books are an investment!!! I'll have to start looking for some good places to get cheap books.