Thursday, January 6, 2011

California Christmas Break Part VII: Mi Madre's Birthday

This year we celebrated my moms birthday by taking a family trip to the Redlands Temple to do some family work. We were able to do endowments as well as sealings for quite a few of our ancestors. It was such a joy.
Thanks again to Johann for staying home with sick Henry so I could go. Originally Johann's parents were going to watch him but then Henry got flu sick and the idea of taking him on an hour drive with, you know, flu symptoms, seemed less than wise. I'm sure our car interior wouldn't have thanked us. =)
After we finished at the temple we headed to Red Lobster for my mom's birthday lunch, which was yummmy.
We headed home and later that night had her birthday cake and Henry got to give her the necklace he picked out. It was so cute when we were in the store and I told Henry we were looking for a present for Grammy. He picked up this necklace and said, "It's for Grammy. It's cute. She likes it!" And he was right all the way!

Happy Birthday to one of the best of moms and grammys out there!

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