Sunday, January 16, 2011

Robots and Aliens

Being stuck inside for the greater part of the day can be lame. But, with bathtub markers and a sweet set of wooden building blocks, it can be much less lame.
Henry has had a distinct theme in all of his drawings and building lately:

"Look at my ALIENS, Mama!"

"I made a robot!"

"He's a short robot"

I love that Henry is in a much more verbal stage than ever before so I can hear what he is thinking and how he figures and relates things. It is also fun to see him building and drawing and see which details are most important for him. You can't see it in the above bath picture but his aliens have been having eyebrows lately and his robots are never fully satisfactory until they have 'shoes' or 'feet'. I was also pretty impressed when a few weeks ago he drew a picture of himself and Johann and he gave Johann glasses! I still need to scan that picture but its great to see him noticing details and incorporating it into whatever he is doing.
Now I wonder what will be next after robots and aliens have lost their appeal...if that is possible, of course.


SSToone said...

That is very cute! It is very fun to see breakthroughs and developments!

Joshua and Rachel said...

He is so cute in his costumes. I love it.

Ashby Family said...

yes drawing in the bath, I remember when that's all my girls wanted to do. Very cute. I love all his little smiles with his robots and aliens. I can pretty much garantee he won't move on to princesses : ) (now if I had a boy I might have to look out for that!; ) )

Bryan and Natalie said...

It's probably not possible for him to be obsessed with anything but robots and aliens! He's been into robots for as long as I can remember!