Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break in San Diego: Arrival & Old Town

Ah, Spring Break. It was so much fun to go on a quick trip to San Diego for the week. I only wish it had been a little warmer since it didn't get above low 70s. Everyone in Utah may now slap me.

Monday we took it slow getting ready. Half the time was spent unpacking and repacking Henry. He was trying to be helpful but kept packing weird things in the wrong bags etc.

Henry wearing what I was trying to find to pack and a necklace he made out of Thea's toys. 

Playing in the crib waiting to take off.

We made it to San Diego around 7:30pm Monday evening. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the hotel Johann had reserved after reading a few reviews. Happily, there were no college spring breakers there having wild parties and we even had an end room at the front on top, so we only shared 1 wall. We ate dinner, settled in a bit and got to sleep. 

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel (Henry was overjoyed to get to make his own big waffle) and lazed around a bit while we got ready to head over to Old Town, where Johann's parents were meeting us for the day. Part of the morning Henry just sat outside on Johann's lap while they watched the cars and trucks whiz by on the freeway; I think it was one of Henry's favorite activities of the day. He really misses not having school daddy who, though bussier at home, was home so much more. 

Henry probably spent an hour combined playing on this wagon every time we went anywhere near it. 

They were having a rehearsal of a two man performance of Romeo and Juliet. The actors were pretty funny and we had a good time watching them. 

Notice Henry's shorts? I was silly and taught him to roll them up if they feel too big or sagging but now he goes all 70s on me and rolls them up to 3 or 4 times if possible. Guh. 

Playing in the hat shop...

With Grandpa and Abuela

Then off to see the newly remodeled Mormon Battalion. 

Johann was dressed up as one of the battalion much to Henry's delight

Panning for gold

Learning how to wash. Johann's mom showing him how she use to have to wash on the washboard when she was a kid

Typical Family picture 
(on top of the tower at the Mormon Battalion)

"Who broke my cannon?!"

And our picture from the end of our visit. At least Johann and I look normal. Oh kiddos. 
They've don't a great job with the remodel and the missionaries were so kind. Glad we went! 

Then back to the middle of Old Town...

Henry watching them make taffy, of which we bought and consumed. Mmm. 

Thea wasn't too happy most of the day, but perked up in the late afternoon. 

Sweet statue at the restaurant we had dinner at. 

Then it was back to the hotel where Thea played 

and Henry passed out. 

He woke up just in time to still convince Johann to take him to the pool for a swim though.

 Day 1 & 2 of our trip! 

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