Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break in San Diego: Last day and going home

Last day. Sad. But probably my second favorite day of our trip. My mom stayed overnight and we all got up and headed to Hash House a go go for breakfast. I had heard about one in Las Vegas and found out there was one in SD and thought we should give it a try. I am SO glad we did. Best breakfast I've ever had and a fun atmosphere. Bonus we got there just in time because when we left there was a huge line and people waiting outside. 

 Henry got kids pancakes which were still huge (all the food is ginormous) and Johann got banana pecan french toast that was delicious. The banana was grilled and served in halves on the french toast. 

I split a delicious avacado, bacon and red onion egg scramble with my mom that came with yummy potatoes and the most delicious biscuit and strawberry jam ever. Shoot. I'm craving that biscuit with that jam now.  

Since we were all pretty stuffed we stuck the left overs in the car and strolled around the downtown area. It was really cute and nice to just be out and about. 
 The Deli Llama. We need to eat there next time.

We went back to the car when the meter was to run out and took my mom back to the hotel to get her things so she could head back to Apple Valley. We said goodbye and then since everyone was still sick and in a food coma, Johann and Thea napped while Henry watched a show and I, the mom, started getting a few things organized and packed. 

Once everyone was up we drove to see the Temple only to find out it was closed that day.

Then we drove around the gaslamp district and saw Petco Park, Horton Plaza and the downtown area there.

 We headed over the Coronado bridge to Coronado...

Saw the Hotel...

then stopped for lunch before heading to the tide pools.

 Thea's first time at the water.

Henry managed to get himself onto this rock when the tide then came in and the water was too high to get back down. One of the workers there was kind and offered to grab him since his pants and shoes were already wet.  

Next we went to Cabrillo Point

and got to see a destroyer coming in, which I thought was pretty cool!

It was then time for dinner and we went to a place a friend recommended, The Corvette Diner. 
 It was cool for maybe the first 15 minutes and then I wanted to just get out of there. Holy over stimulation batman. There was a t.v. like the one below in every booth, neon lights everywhere, a dj playing 50s and 60s music, waiters and waitresses dancing to other music and singing etc. It just got to be too much for this tired little group. Neat idea, just too much going on.

So we went back for our last night at the hotel. Henry and Johann went swimming again and I packed up and managed to finally get a picture of Dorothea being a goof in her playpen. =)
The next morning it was breakfast, packing the car and back to reality!

I'm so glad we decided to spend some time in San Diego and stay down there so we could do so many fun things!

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